Scholarships for Spanish and English Classes in Medellin Colombia

10374532_10152611698530819_3507406655969262905_nWe’re pleased to announce a new partnership program with Eco Hostel Medellin, a non-profit school and education center located just outside of Medellin, Colombia, in the Antioquian mountains.

Through this program, we’re pleased to be able to offer scholarships to learn Spanish in Medellin, as well as for clases de ingles en Medellin for Colombian locals.

Currently 10 children are able to stay in school thanks to VIM friends who send “scholarship” money for their school supplies (about $250 per year, per child, on average). Sometimes the school is “free” (grade school) but parents must buy uniforms, books, notebooks, pencils and other items specified by the school. The list grows longer and more costly as the child advances through the grades.

The school season is from January to October. Vacation time is: November and December. We are ready to receive contributions for next year.

Click here to learn more about planning a trip to Medellin.

Scholarship recipients for Language Classes in Medellin, Colombia

You many know of a particular child you would like to help by covering school supply costs for a year or more. Or you may prefer to make an undesignated gift to our “public school scholarship fund,” and we will select a recipient and send you his or her name and address if you request it. Of course you many also make a scholarship gift in any lesser amount.

This is truly an incredible opportunity for us to expand our program and become a fully international force for positive change in Latin America. We recognize that by mixing a tourist interest for visiting these wonderful countries with safe, structured courses to help learn about the local language and culture, we’ll be able to provide language classes for latinos in the community as well, with the aim of helping to raise the standard of education, and give our scholarship recipients a leg up that they otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to have.

For thousands of families in the region who don’t hold high school level education, knowing some English can truly make a huge impact in their lives, as they’ll be able to get more and better paying jobs than they otherwise would, and have more opportunities to advance themselves and their entire families through this program!

We’re pleased to support this Colombian initiaitve, and our looking forward to seeing the results coming out of Medellin!