Spring Computer Classes Announced!

new community computer roomHello all! Today I want to share some very exciting news with our community.

We’ve just finalized an incredible new program for our students in Guatemala, wherein we’ll be providing basic computer classes for all of the middle and high school students!

We’ve been very blessed to have recieved a grant from our Donor’s Choose project, which will allow us to purchase 5 used computers to bring to the center in Guatemala.

We are also accepting donations for additional old computers. While the computer may be used, we ask that it is not more than 6 years old, and runs on a Windows operating system. This will allow us to keep classes consistent for our students.

The New Computer Skills Program

Our new program is going to help teach our kids the basic skills necessary to work on a computer. We will offer different levels of classes, as some of the students have already had some basic introductions to computers, while others have not.

For the beginning level, classes will be on Excel and Word, and how to use these basic programs, with an eye towards how to apply them to a potential job in the future.

The more advanced classes will get into how the internet works, and students will learn basics of HTML and CSS through Code School.

These skills are in high demand worldwide, and we think that by exposing them at an early age, they’ll be a cut above others and will be able to get better jobs, as well as have a better chance of being admitted to a university where they can learn more and break out of the poverty-stricken communities in which they’ve grown up.

Our program leader is John Casey, a former Thinkful mentor, who has volunteered to create a similar curriculum for our kids. The most challenging part, he thinks, will be teaching the kids programming languages that are mostly English-based, when their English is still at a basic level.

You can read more about John’s work with these Thinkful reviews from CodingRookie.org.