About VIM

Churches As the Methodist Church in Guatemala grows it has a continual need to construct new sanctuaries, classrooms and multi-purpose rooms. Most of the projects are located in rural areas with access to quality hotels not too far away while others require a more adventurous spirit. We also support a unique multi-faceted outreach ministry in Panajachel, Guatemala called Porch de Salomon. Please check the descriptions of our current projects.
Medical Previous work teams have constructed medical clinics in Urbina, Camanchaj, Boca Costa and Patalup, areas with little or no access to health care. Additionally, medical teams go to under served areas and set up in a school or other public space in the absence of an established clinic.

Teams of physicians, nurses, dentists, optometrists and assistants are invited to form medical teams in order to staff these clinics year-round.There are plentiful opportunities for retired health professionals or those wishing to stay for longer periods of time as well in this crucial ministry.

Rural dental clinic in Chipacá I
Education Guatemala is rich in history and customs. If you would like an education focused tour or combine construction or medicine with the educational experience we can customize an adventure just for you. The possibilities are almost endless: indigenous life, human rights, peace with justice, sustainable development, civil war or pastoral context.
Enrichment The following opportunities are just a few that are available to supplement your trip.

  • Conference with human rights activists to understand current political, social and economic situation of Guatemala.
  • Visit orphanages, widows’ and women’s cooperatives, clinics, churches, shelters
  • Incorporate some free time with excursions to markets, black sand beaches, natural hot springs, exotic jungles with Mayan ruins, volcano treks or boat rides through the crystal blue waters of Lago Atitlan.
  • Arrive early or stay late to study Spanish at recognized schools in Quetzaltenango, Antigua or Panajachel.

Passing the Peace

Allow us to help you plan a mission experience that will enrich the lives of participants as well as the lives of those in Guatemala. The Methodist Church of Guatemala invites you to come be a part of its growing ministry. Visit one of the most beautiful places on earth and put your Christian love in action!